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6 Steps To Become a CPA :


To qualify for the CPA Exam as an international candidate, you need to meet educational and other requirements specific to the state or jurisdiction in which you intend to be licensed to practice.

Most states require that you have a bachelor’s degree before you sit for the exam. However, some states require that you have 150 hours of coursework (the equivalent of a Master’s degree) before you qualify to sit.

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Depending on your state requirement, here are two sources, International Association of Universities (IAU) (Click Here) or Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business (AACSB) (Click Here) , to check if your university is accredited.

An evaluation of your certificate must be made in approved institutes by your state to count your total credit hours. We recommend to make the evaluation with NASBA International Evaluation Services (NIES) if your state in NIES list: Click Here

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Generally, 1 year of working experience (full time) is required in the accounting or auditing fields (Could be before or after you take the exam).

To get a full understanding of the new CPA exam, Please review the "Candidate Bulletin" by AICPA & NASBA here: Click Here

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Enrolling & Fees

Choose a state or a jurisdiction to apply for the CPA

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CPA Examination online application system Board of accountancy
word1 word1 word1 word1 word1
word3 20-30% 20-30% 20-30% 20-30%
word4 30-40% 30-40% 30-40% 30-40%
word5 word5 word5 word5 15-25%

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To ease the process of applying and paying fees, we in Ascension prefer that international candidates apply with those available on NASBA online application sysetem.

Requirements vary by state/jurisdiction, please read & understand carefully your state requirements before choosing.

Once your application has been evaluated, you will be contacted by your Board of Accountancy or its designated agent. It takes usually 4-6 weeks for the evaluation.

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Important: The name on your application must appear exactly the same as it appears on the identification (Passport).

Note: Applications can be submitted at any time during the year. Application and evaluation fees range between $900-$1000.

You will receive a jurisdiction number once your application is evaluated.

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Ascension can help you with the exam preparations. Contact us for more details about our materials and courses.

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Once your application has been processed by the state board, you’ll receive a Notice to Schedule (NTS) which is required for you to schedule your CPA Exam at a Prometric Test Center.

Generally, you’ll need to sit for your first exam within six months of receiving the NTS, although this can vary by jurisdiction.

You may schedule the exam parts in any order, and one at a time, if you prefer.

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Testing is Available in the following exam windows:

¬ January and February (Extension of 10 days from 1st of March)

¬ April and May

¬ July and August (Extension of 10 days from 1st of September)

¬ October and November (Extension of 10 days from 1st of December)

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Sit For The Exam

Passing score is 75 on a 0-99 scale

The duration of the new CPA exam is 4 hours.

For score release dates please check AICPA page: ( Click Here )

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Once you’ve passed all the exams within the allowed period (Most jurisdictions allow a maximum of 18 months to pass all remaining sections in order to retain credit on the passed section).

You might need to verify your working experience by a CPA or equivalent depending on your state requirement. Review the states requirements on this matter carefully and choose the one that matches your situation.

Some state require additional ethics exam to approve you.

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CPA Content :

Area Weight
Ethics, Professional Responsibilities & General Principles 15-25%
Assessing Risk & Developing a Planned Response 20-30%
Performing Further Procedures & Obtaining Evidence 30-40%
Forming Conclusions & Reporting 15-25%
Skills Tested & Allocation Areas Weight
Evaluation II, III 5-15%
Analysis II, III 15-25%
Application I, II, III, IV 30-40%
Remembering & Understanding I, II, III, IV 30-40%
For more details (Page 6) Click Here
Area Weight
Corporate Governance 17-27%
Economic Concepts and Analysis 17-27%
Financial Management 11-21%
Information Technology 15-25%
Operations Management 15-25%
Skills Tested & Allocation Areas Weight
Evaluation - -
Analysis II, III, V 20-30%
Application I, II, III, IV, V 50-60%
Remembering & Understanding I, II, III, IV, V 15-25%
For more details (Page 33) Click Here
Area Weight
Conceptual Framework, Standard-Setting and Financial Reporting 25-35%
Select Financial Statements Accounts 30-40%
Select Transactions 20-30%
State and Local Governments 5-15%
Skills Tested & Allocation Areas Weight
Evaluation - -
Analysis I, II, III 25-35%
Application I, II, III, IV 50-60%
Remembering & Understanding I, II, III, IV 10-20%
For more details (Page 47) Click Here
Area Weight
Ethics, Professional Responsibilities, and Federal Tax Procedures 10-20%
Business Law 10-20%
Federal Taxation of Property Transactions 12-22%
Federal Taxation of Individuals 15-25%
Federal Taxation of Entities 28-38%
Skills Tested & Allocation Areas Weight
Evaluation - -
Analysis III, IV, V 25-35%
Application I, II, III, IV, V 35-45%
Remembering & Understanding I, II, III, IV, V 25-35%
For more details (Page 75) Click Here

CPA Old vs New Exam :

The new version of the CPA Exam launched on April 1, 2017. To know more about the differences & if you have any questions, please review the provided page by NASBA (Click Here..)