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  • REG: 13-07-2018
  • FAR: 14-07-2018

6 Steps To Become a CMA :


Bachelor’s Degree from an accredited college or university in any discipline.

A partial listing of accredited International and US institutions is available here: (Click Here)

2 years of working experience is required (Could be before or after you take the exam).

For more details about the kind of accepted working experience fields Page 6: (Click Here)

IMA membership.

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Enrolling & Fees

Applying for the CMA exam is very easy and straightforward relevant to other certificates.

Visit the IMA site and pay their membership fee and CMA entrance fee and you are all set! (Click Here)

CMA fees breakdown: Regular Student*
IMA membership ** $245 $39
IMA first time registration application fees $15 $15
CMA entrance fee *** $250 $188
Part 1 Exam Registration $415 $311
Part 2 Exam Registration $415 $311
$1340 $864

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* Student discount is for current student only

** Mandatory annual payment

*** Candidates must complete the CMA program within three years from the date of entry into the program. If both exam parts are not successfully completed within three years of entering the certification program, any passed part will expire and the CMA entrance fee will have to be repaid.

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Request from your University an original transcript to be sent directly to the IMA. This step can be done before or after taking the exams.

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Ascension can help you with the exam preparations. Contact us for more details about our materials and courses.

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The CMA Exam is offered in 3 testing widows:

¬ January & February

¬ May & June

¬ September & October

Part 1 & 2 are independent exams and there's no specific order in taking them.

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Sit For The Exam

Parts 1 and 2 are four-hour exams and each contains 100 multiple-choice questions (3 hours) and 2 essay questions (1 hour). You will only get the essay part if you manage to score 50% of the total score correctly.

Total exam score is 500.

You need to score at least 250 in MCQs to be able to reach the essay part and a total of 360 to pass the exam (72%).

For the essay questions, both written and quantitative responses will be required.

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There is no official break during the CMA exam.

Exam results can be expected 40 days after the month you took the exam.

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Once you’ve passed the exam it's time to be fully certified! You must have 2 continuous years of professional experience.

Fill the experience form in the link below and send it to the IMA. (Click Here)

As a CMA you need to maintain your license with active IMA membership and 30 hours (including two in ethics training) of CPE credits annually.

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CMA Exams Content :

External Financial Reporting Decisions 15%
Planning, Budgeting, and Forecasting 30%
Performance Management 20%
Cost Management 20%
Internal Controls 15%
Fot content specification outlines: (Page 5-8) Click Here
Financial Statement Analysis 25%
Corporate Finance 20%
Decision Analysis 20%
Risk Management 10%
Investment Decisions 15%
Professional Ethics 10%
Fot content specification outlines: (Page 9-12) Click Here