Accountants Association: Accounting a way to avoid financial crises

New Date: 2017-10-01

The Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Association of Accountants and Auditors of Kuwait Saqr Al-Hase that it is necessary to amend the Law of Auditors No. 5 of 1981 to keep pace with the current economic situation has been submitted to the Assembly of the President of the National Assembly Marzouq Alghanim in 2016, stressing the importance of the role of accounting and auditing in the avoidance of financial crises.

The conference was attended by Mr. Yousef Al-Othman, Honorary President of the Kuwait Accountants and Auditors Association, and Mubarak Abdulhadi, Executive Director of Infiniti International, organizers of the conference in cooperation with Mazaya Gulf Consultancy. The conference was held to enhance financial and investment performance. And the economic of the workers in the governmental and developmental, economic and even social organizations in Kuwait.

Al-Hasey said that the conference sessions cover the root causes of financial and economic crises, their manifestations and direct causes, evaluate the procedures and plans to deal with them, assess the effects thereof, and prevent economic mechanisms to prevent crises and discuss them through several axes.