Bookkeeping & Accounting Advisory

  • Objective

    Bookkeeping plays a vital role for any business organization to maintain its capital, know the results of its business, achieve its financial & operational objectives, which will lead to achieving sustainability & growth.

  • Method

    Ascension Consulting & Training offers accounting services for small, medium, & large companies with the highest accounting proficiency & quality. Our qualified accountants use the latest accounting software to produce periodic financial reports (profits & losses, financial position, cash flow) accurately & quickly. At Ascension, we are pleased to deliver these services to your company with the highest degree of confidentiality & reliability

  • SME's

    In small & medium-sized enterprises (SME’s) where the cost of appointing a full-time accountant is considerably large, it is better to keep a private bookkeeper who does the bookkeeping professionally & at an acceptable cost to save you money for the main operating activities.

  • Large Companies

    Large companies often encounter problems in financial management represented by the resignation of some influential employees or a comprehensive change in financial management as a result of restructuring or desire to reduce costs & many other cases. Such defect in the work of financial management is not borne by large companies in terms of large volume of work & daily operations. The option of hiring an accountant specialized in financial management & bookkeeping is vital to maintaining the integrity of your business.